Anticipating His Coming

Beginning July 11-12, 2017; new class option starting Sunday July 23rd
$36, Youth - $18

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Everywhere we look are the unmistakable signs that Jesus is coming for His own very soon!

God surely intends that all His true children be intimately familiar with what awaits them in the days to come.

If you have always wanted to know what the future holds but you have gotten the idea that because there are so many interpretations it must be much too difficult to figure out, don't you believe it!  It can be understood!

Take the chance

Be Informed - Be Comforted

Be Ready

Please Note - What to know about this course:

  1. EVERYONE is welcome
  2. It is designed for those who have never before studied what is soon to come
  3. It may be used by anyone to teach those in their own families or churches these precious and timely truths.

No classes the week of August 7th.  There will be a Sunday class on August 6th.



Ruth Warkentin

Co-founder of Solid Ground Ministries and gifted Bible teacher. Ruth is extremely well grounded in the Word of God and is dearly loved by her students. Ruth has a God given ability to communicate clearly the unchanging truths of God's Word with passion and delight. She has been teaching God's Word with Solid Ground since its inception in 1991. Her prayer for herself and her students is that, through the Scriptures, they might come to know their God intimately, to love Him deeply and to serve and obey Him wholeheartedly. Ruth enjoys living single - a life of "undistracted devotion to Christ".